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Sclrship | A new look for your next scholarship search

Hello Scholarship Seeker

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to you for using the sclrship platform to search your dream scholarships.

Since 2014, the sclrship team is providing you with the selected information about international scholarships and opportunities including fully funded scholarships, Government Scholarships, Scholarships for Developing countries, and so on. As a result, a remarkable number of students achieved desired scholarships and had a chance to change their future. I  would love to see your bright future too.

The Sclrship’s developers are constantly working on our services to the next level.  As a consistency, we have changed our outlook recently. We know, the adoption of changes is not that easy while you were using a platform for a quite long time, however, believe me, it will help you to find more accurate scholarships.

Let’s take a closer look what we have changed for you.


# 1. A Warm Welcome

We believe that a warm welcome is really important.  From that point of view, we welcome you to our platform.

Welcome to sclrship


# 2. Navigating to the Specific Scholarship

We’ve classified scholarships as micro level as possible. As a result, we categorized scholarships by country-wise, subject-wise and provider-wise. We love to give you the freedom to find out your desired scholarships as fast as possible.

Search Scholarship with Sclrship
Search your Scholarship with Sclrship


# 3. Popular Universities and Colleges

We have listed down the popular universities and colleges where you can choose the best scholarships provider easily.

Popular Universities and Colleges for Scholarships
Popular Universities and Colleges for Scholarships


# 4. Readability

The main goal of the sclrship is to make scholarships information more readable to the scholarship seeker. So, we have focused on make it as readable as possible.

Readable Scholarships
Readable Scholarships


All of our changes have made to assist you to find out your dream scholarships. Hope you will love it.


We always love to take your opinion, suggestion, and even criticism. Feel free to email us [email protected]




Sharmin Akter, CEO




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