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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of smaller, independently governed territories called emirates located in the Middle East, with coastlines on both the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Sitting between Oman and Saudi Arabia, the UAE consists largely of desert, with mountains in the east, and its position relative to the Strait of Hormuz gives it a strategic advantage in controlling the shipment of Middle Eastern oil.

The discovery of oil in the UAE over 30 years ago has brought the country wealth which it has managed prudently, diversifying and strengthening its economy and achieving a consistent trade surplus. Foreign students are welcome in the UAE, and it is an excellent place to study languages considered vital to national security, which is one way to obtain scholarship money from the Gilman, Boren, and Fulbright programs (see below). Arabic is the UAE’s official language, and its other languages (Persian, Hindi, and Urdu) are also considered security priorities.

The last of the UAE’s languages is English, making it a perfect non-traditional study destination for students not versed in many languages. Many students from the U. S. choose the American University in Dubai, which seeks to deliver the same level of education as a typical school in this country.

MASDAR Institute Full Scholarships in United Arab Emirates

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