UCalgary 50th Anniversary Scholarships for International in Canada

Applications are invited for Fully Funded UCalgary 50th Anniversary Scholarships at University of Calgary in Canada. Application is open for International Students to pursue post graduate degree in 2018-2019 academic year.

The aim of this scholarships is to encourage and support academically able and talented students.

Deadline : End of 2018
Study in :
Providers : Calgary University
Course Level : Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Field of Study : All Subjects

Benefits for UCalgary 50th Anniversary Scholarships :

Undergraduate scholarships: $24,000 per student per year for up to four years of study.
Graduate scholarships: $16,000 per student registered in a thesis-based PhD program per year, for up to four years of study.

Eligibility for UCalgary 50th Anniversary Scholarships :

Eligible Countries: List of designated countries (not in any priority order)

China (Country of Emphasis), United States (Country of Emphasis), Germany (Country of Emphasis), Tanzania (Country of Emphasis), Mexico (Country of Emphasis), Saudi Arabia (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), Qatar (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), Jordan (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), United Arab Emirates (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), Egypt (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), Iran (Country of Emphasis under Middle East), Norway (Country of Interest), India (Country of Interest), UK (Country of Interest), Spain (Country of Interest), France (Country of Interest), Australia (Country of Interest), Thailand (Country of Interest), Vietnam (Country of Interest), Singapore (Country of Interest), Japan (Country of Interest), South Korea (Country of Interest), Malaysia (Country of Interest), Brasil (Country of Interest), Tanzania (Country of Emphasis).

In addition to the above countries, opportunities for following countries 15 must are explored, as they are among the top 40 countries of international students at the University of Calgary

Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Colombia, Ghana, Kuwait, Palestine, Venezuela, Taiwan, Italy, Libya, Sri Lanka, Austria.

Entrance Requirements: Scholarships are open to undergraduate and graduate students from designated countries.

English Language Requirements: Students must meet the university’s English Language Requirements.

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