Nano‐ and micromechanical oscillators are in our modern information age indispensable technologies that enable navigation, timing, motional sensing and wireless communication. MEMS sensors, that is silicon micro‐machined mechanical oscillators, measure rotation or acceleration and are commercially contained in any modern cell‐phone, plane or car. In the past decade a technological and scientific revolution has taken place around the optical and quantum control of such NEMS and MEMS devices; following quantum control of ions, molecules in a first wave, as well as electrical circuits in a second wave, NEMS and MEMS can now be read out and controlled at the quantum level using optical fields via cavity optomechanical interactions. The ETN research focuses on optomechanical technologies (new technologies based on optomechanical physics) and aims to advance the state of the art in the field by addressing several new research directions.

Deadline : 4 January 2017
Study in : Denmark
Providers : University of Copenhagen
Course Level : Phd Program
Fields of Study : Cavity Optomechanics
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