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International Research Agendas Programme in Poland, 2017

Applications are invited for International Research Agendas Programme to pursue research program at the Foundation for Polish Science in Poland. This scholarships is open for local and international students. Scholarships will be awarded to students for research program at the Foundation for Polish Science.

The aim of the research program at the Foundation for Polish Science is to enable and encourage academically able students.

Deadline : 20 December 2017 and 30 June 2018.
Study in :
Providers : The Foundation for Polish Science
Course Level : Research Program
Field of Study : The programme is awarded in the following fields:

  • Medical engineering technologies, including biotechnologies
  • Medical diagnostics and treatment of lifestyle diseases and personalized medicine
  • Production of medicinal products
  • Innovative technologies, processes and products of the agrifood and forestry-wood sectors
  • High-quality food
  • Biotechnological processes and products of specialised chemistry and environmental engineering
  • High efficiency, low-emission and integrated manufacturing, storage, transmission and distribution of energy systems
  • Smart and energy efficient construction
  • Environmentally friendly transport solutions
  • Modern technologies of sourcing, processing and use of natural resources and the production of substitutes
  • Minimizing waste including unfit for processing and use of materials and energy waste (recycling and other recovery methods)
  • Innovative solutions and technologies in water and waste management
  • Multifunctional materials and composites with advanced properties, including nano processes and nanoproducts
  • Sensors (including biosensors) and smart sensor networks
  • Smart networks and geo-information technologies
  • Printed, organic and flexible electronics
  • Automation and robotics of technological processes
  • Photonics
  • Smart creative technologies
  • Innovative maritime technologies pertaining to specialist vessels, maritime and offshore structures and Logistics based on maritime and inland waterway transport

Scholarships for International Research Agendas Programme:

  • The programme will cover the followings:
    • The Foundation will provide support and assistance throughout the application and implementation period.
    • We anticipate that each project will receive a minimum of 35 million PLN for the first five years.
    • Project funding will include costs of R&D work conducted by the unit implementing the IRAP, costs connected with the efficient functioning of the unit, costs of operating existing infrastructure, cooperation between partners, and knowledge transfer. However, support for new infrastructure will be limited to the purchase of essential laboratory equipment and fit-out. Funding will also cover the costs of research staff development related to project implementation.
    • No significant funding is provided for infrastructure or large-scale equipment.

Eligibility for International Research Agendas Programme: 

  •  Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
    • Applications should be submitted by renowned researchers with significant scientific achievements complemented by considerable managerial experience. The applicant can be a citizen of Poland or any other country, including from outside the European Union.
    • Where required, e.g. if the application covers interdisciplinary research, the application may be submitted by two researchers. However, it should be clearly indicated in the application form which of the researchers is the principal applicant. The application can also be submitted by two researchers if the secondary applicant will be applying to take on the role of Scientific Affairs Director.
    • The applicant applies to be the director of the new institution. Therefore, all the applicants have to be fully committed to implementing the IRAP and therefore be based at the institution for at least 0.5 FTE.

    Nationality for International Research Agendas Programme:  Applicants of all nationalities can apply for the programme.

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