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VNF Diploma Programs Scholarships for Developing Countries in Finland, 2017

Västra Nylands Folkhögskola is offering a limited number of scholarships for pursuing Diploma Programs in Finland, 2017in Diversity Management and Inclusion. Citizens of developing countries (included in the OECD List ) are eligible to apply.

The Diploma is designed as an “upskilling pathway”, which means it is possible for you to take only parts that you need for your own development.

Västra Nylands Folkhögskola is a folk high school in Karis, Finland. It was established in 1905 in Kari, moved to the neighbouring community Pohja, but returned to Kari 1978.

Deadline : In case students are applying for a scholarship, your application must be received before July 28, 2017. You can apply for admission to the college by filling in the online Application Form and attaching copies of your school reports and certificates to it, by August 7, 2017.
Study in : Finland
Providers : Västra Nylands Folkhögskola
Course Level : Diploma  programme
Field of Study : Scholarships are awarded in the field of Diversity Management and Inclusion.

Scholarship Award:

The scholarship will cover up to 50% of the regular fees for tuition, board and lodging, provided that the student completes the entire programme.

Number of Scholarships: A limited number of scholarships will be available to students.


The course is necessary for anyone who lives outside North Korea. In any society where diversity is recognised even slightly, you will need the skills to recognise this diversity, address its challenges and promote its benefits. From inexperienced youth preparing for a career to front-line managers and high-level politicians, this Diploma will improve your ability to function more effectively with other people, colleagues, and clients.


Citizens of countries included in the OECD List of Developing Countries are eligible to apply.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Applicants must have previous degree.

Test Requirement: No

English Language Requirement: The language of instruction is English.

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