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Danish Government Scholarships for Korean Students 2018

Applications are invited for Danish Government Scholarships in Denmark. Application is open for International Students to pursue Bachelor, Masters and PhD degree in 2018-2019 academic year.

The aim of this scholarships is to encourage and support academically able and talented students.

Deadline : 1 March 2018
Study in :
Providers : Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science is the Danish ministry in charge
Course Level : Bachelor, Masters and PhD degree
Field of Study : All Subjects

Benefits for Danish Government Scholarships:

These scholarships will cover the followings:

  • Scholarships for 3-12 months for PhD students.
  • Scholarships for 5-10 months for master’s students
  • Scholarships for 5-10 months for bachelor’s students who study Danish language and literature

Eligibility for Danish Government Scholarships:

  • Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:
    • Who motivate their choice of a specific research programme or field of study through its relation to Danish language, culture or other Danish areas of expertise. Successful applicants will describe the Danish dimension in their choice of studies or research when applying in fields such as: design, music, architecture, welfare, environmental studies, etc.
    • Who is nominated by a lecturer who teaches Danish in their home country? Applicants should include a reference from the lecturer in their application.
    • Who study Danish or Scandinavian languages and literature.
    • Who refers to an internationally acclaimed lecturer at the desired Danish host institution with whom they would like to study
    • Who has contacted the desired Danish host university and received an invitation from a lecturer to conduct studies or research there.
    • Who study at a partner university or institution of the desired Danish host university.

    Please note you are ineligible for a scholarship if:

    • You are already enrolled or planning to enrol in a full degree, joint degree, or double degree programme in Denmark. Full, joint, and double degree students are not considered exchange students and are ineligible for scholarships.
    • You are not currently enrolled in, or conducting research at, an institution of higher education in your home country.
    • You intend to pursue studies at a bachelor’s level during your stay in Denmark in fields other than Danish language and literature.
    • You plan to conduct studies or research on a part-time, rather than a full-time, basis.

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