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Leiden University PhD Scholarships in Netherlands

Applications are invited for Leiden University PhD Scholarships to pursue PhD  program at the Leiden University in Netherlands. This scholarships is open for local and international students.

The aim of this scholarships is to enable and encourage academically able students.

Deadline : 1 December 2017
Study in :
Providers : Leiden University 
Course Level : Masters / PhD
Field of Study : Cosmopolis Advanced offers scholarships to graduate students from Indonesia and other countries at both the MA (18 months; 90 ecs) and the PhD (42 months; 210 ecs) level.

Award for Leiden University PhD Scholarships:

  • Throughout the program, Cosmopolis Advanced will actively recruit at least 10 students for the MA program based on a so-called Van Leur Scholarship (funded by Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, OC&W). The latter is specifically meant to stimulate research into the still most neglected VOC archives and the centuries’ old shared heritage it represents. After their selection by the scholarship committee, students will receive a scholarship for 18 months. For the Van Leur Scholarship, Leiden University waives the lion share (€ 22.000) of the regular tuition fee of € 25.000 (for 18 months). After the successful completion of the pilot-study, the Indonesian students compete for 5 Ph.D. positions (funded by UGM Indonesia). Students working on the VOC compete for 2 PhD-positions (funded by OC&W). Other students will compete for PhD-positions on the basis of external funding. For PhD-fellows, Leiden University will provide office space and the usual research facilities. In Indonesia, office space and research facilities will be provided by the Indonesian partners. A scholarship committee with representatives from both partners is responsible for the selection process. LU and UGM are responsible for the practical organization of the selection process of the Van Leur and UGM scholarships respectively. The committee will take decisions on the basis of the recommendations of LU (for Van Leur Scholarships) and UGM (for UGM scholarships). After selection, the selected students become regular MA and PhD-students at LU and are subject to the usual regulations regarding the program in which they are enrolled

    Number of Scholarships: 5 scholarships are available for the current round (for students starting in the summer of 2018). Another call for 5 scholarships will be issued for starting in 2019.

Eligibility for Leiden University PhD Scholarships: 

  • The program intends to attract the most talented international students at the postmaster level. Eligible candidates should be able to demonstrate:

    (a) Excellence in archival/historical research, as evidenced by a master degree in history that includes a substantial research thesis of 30 ECTS or its equivalent. Candidates with an MA-degree in a language other than English must have certified proficiency at a minimal degree of 7.0 IELTS/ 100 TOEFL.

    (b) Sufficient financial support for all relevant costs (including for living and accommodation) either through the Cosmopolis scholarship program or private or external funding

    Nationality for Leiden University PhD Scholarships: International applicants are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

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