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Coursera Online Course: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1)

Rice University and Coursera offer an online course titled An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1). This Coursera Online Course is designed to help students with very little or no computing background learn the basics of building simple interactive applications.

In part 1 of this course, the basic elements of programming (such as expressions, conditionals, and functions) and then use these elements to create simple interactive applications such as a digital stopwatch will be introduced. Part 1 of this class will culminate in building a version of the classic arcade game “Pong”.

Deadline : 5 March 2018
Course Type : Online Degree
Providers : Rice University & Coursera
Course Level : Beginning
Course Length : 5 Week

Syllabus for Interactive Programming in Python

Week 0 – Statements, expressions, variables 
Understand the structure of this class, explore Python as a calculator

Week 1 – Functions, logic, conditionals
Learn the basic constructs of Python programming, create a program that plays a variant of Rock-Paper-Scissors

Week 2 – Event-driven programming, local/global variables
Learn the basics of event-driven programming, understand difference between local and global variables, create an interactive program that plays a simple guessing game

Week 3 – Canvas, drawing, timers
Create a canvas in Python, learn how to draw on the canvas, create a digital stopwatch

Week 4 – Lists, keyboard input, the basics of modeling motion
Learn the basics of lists in Python, model moving objects in Python, recreate the classic arcade game “Pong”

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