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PhD Scholarship for International Students at Macerata University in Italy

Applications are invited for PhD Scholarship for International Students in Italy. Applications are open for international students to pursue PhD for the 2018-19 academic year.

The aim of this scholarships is to encourage and support academically able and talented students.

Deadline : 4 September 2018
Study in : Italy
Providers : University of Macerata

Course Level : PhD
Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures
Linguistics, Philology, Text Interpretation
Memories and Digital Humanities
PhD programme in Human Science
Philosophy, History of Philosophy and Human Sciences
History, Politics and Institutions in the Mediterranean Area
Psychology, Communication and Social science
PhD programme in Legal Studies
Private Law and Legal Proceedings in a Comparative and European Perspective
Law and Individual Rights
Institutions and Local Community in the National, European and International Perspective
History and Theory of Law
Multisectoral and Computational Methods of Analysis for Economic Policy
Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Economic Policy
Network Analysis and Online Data Mining Methods for Economic Policy

Benefits of PhD Scholarship for International Students:

  • Research scholarships each amounting to ? 15.343,28 per year are awarded on the basis of the final ranked list of each PhD course to candidates who have never been awarded funding for PhD research before, neither wholly or in part. Candidates who are awarded scholarships need to register with the Gestione Separata INPS (Separate Contribution of the national institute for social security) in compliance with Art.2, para. 26 of law No. 335 of 08/081995.

Eligibility for PhD Scholarship for International Students

  • Eligible Countries: Available to applicants of all nationalities.Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet the following criteria:
    1. Eligible candidates to PhD courses are graduates, regardless of gender, age, religion or nationality, holding either an undergraduate degree in compliance with laws existing prior to ministerial decree No. 509/99 or a postgraduate degree, or alternatively an equivalent qualification issued by a university institution abroad
    2. Applicants holding academic qualifications obtained abroad (both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) are to upload such documents together with a list of exams they have passed, along with relevant translations into Italian. Such candidates are provisionally admitted to courses and shall be excluded from this public selection if their qualification does not fulfill formal entry requirements of research programme.
    3. Students who expect to be granted their degree award by 31.10.2018 may submit their application for PhD programmes. In such cases admission and enrolment are conditional to their statement holding true.
    4. Additional detailed terms and conditions for admission are provided on Annex A (PhD course programme)

    English Language Requirements for PhD Scholarship for International Students: Candidates must hold a B2 level qualification in English, for degree courses taught in English, or the equivalent qualification in Italian, for degree courses taught in Italian.

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  1. Khang says:

    I am a non-working diplomat in Italy, and interested in pursuing the PhD programme in Psychology, Communication and Social Science.
    I have three degrees: Bachelor of Education, from the National University of Lesotho; Bachelor of Honours in Educational Psychology, from the University of Free State in South Africa and Master in Political Marketing from Rome Business School in Italy.
    So my questions are: Do I qualify for both the programme and the scholarship? Do I need to have a study permit while I still have my Diplomatic Passport and my Italian ID?

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