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Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme in Italy, 2019-2020

Applications are invited for Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme in Italy. Applications are open for international students to pursue the postdoctoral degree at the European University Institute in the 2019-2020 academic year. Up to 50-55 Max Weber Fellowships are awarded annually.

The aim of this scholarships is to encourage and support academically able and talented students.

Deadline : 18 October 2018
Study in : Italy
Providers : European University Institute
Course Level :  Postdoctoral training programme
Field of Study : Political and social sciences, economics, law, and history.

Benefits of Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme: 

  • The basic grant is € 2,000 per month. Successful applicants who receive other grants or salaries must disclose this to the EUI. The amount of the Fellowship will be fixed at a lower rate (minimum €1,250 per month) depending on the amount of the additional income. If applicable, family allowances will be added to the basic grant (see below).
    • Family Allowance: A household allowance of € 300 per month is paid to Fellows with a partner if the partner lives with them in Florence and on condition that the partner’s income is not over € 2,000 per month. There is a dependants allowance of € 200 per month for each dependent child living with the Fellow in Florence. Fellows are entitled to these allowances if they are not receiving any similar allowance from another source, and on presentation of relevant documents (marriage certificate or a document that proves that you are living together in Florence, birth certificates). A school or university certificate is required for dependent children in full-time education and over the age of 18.
    • Taxation: The Fellowship is not taxed by the Institute. Fellows are, however, required to comply with any other tax provisions which may be applicable to them.
    • Medical Insurance: Fellows must have adequate medical insurance cover during their stay at the Institute. Fellows can either provide proof of their own insurance scheme or subscribe to the EUI’s Cigna Insurance Scheme at their own expense.
    • Travel Expenses: Fellows (but not their families) receive reimbursement for one return trip from their home town to Florence. First-class rail (travel by car is also reimbursed on this basis) Economy class air fare. The maximum amount for travel reimbursement is €1,200 for return travel.
    • Removal/installation Expenses: There is no provision for removal or installation expenses.

Number of Scholarships: 

Up to 50-55 Max Weber fellowships are awarded annually.

Nationality for Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme: 

International students are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility for Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme:

Eligible Countries: Candidates of all nationalities are eligible for the Max Weber Fellowships.

Entrance Requirements:

    • Candidates must have received their Ph.D within the past 5 years or have official approval to defend their thesis by the time of the start of the programme (1 September).  Therefore, to apply for 2019-20 they should have received or submitted their Ph.D. between 1/9/2014 and 1/9/2019 and the Ph.D defense should take place no later than 31/12/2019.
    • Extensions to the five-year rule are allowed for applicants whose academic career has been interrupted for maternity or paternity leave, illness or mandatory military service. Cite circumstances in the application form in the field ‘Additional Notes’. Successful candidates will be asked to provide supporting documents.
    • EUI graduates can only apply for a Max Weber Fellowships after having been away from the EUI and in a full-time occupation or another fellowship for at least a year after defending their Ph.D
    • Candidates of any nationality are eligible for the Max Weber Fellowships.
    • The expected level of English proficiency is level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). English certificate is not requested as part of the application, but successful candidates will be requested to provide a certificate/supporting document on registration. This can be one of the international certificates listed below, or a supporting documentation showing that the candidate has written the doctorate, or published an article or a book chapter of at least 6000 words in English, or has studied and hold a qualification from a University where the language of instruction and assessment was English. Native English speakers are exempt from proof. The following international certificates of English proficiency are recognized by the EUI.

English Language Requirements: IELTS score should be 7.5.

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