Green Alley Award for Startup 2019

Green Alley Award is the prize for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the circular economy. The Green Alley program mission is to turn the linear into a circular economy and change the waste and recycling industry as we know it today.

This annual European prize was launched in 2014 by the Landbell Group, the world’s leading provider of environmental services, together with German crowdfunding pioneer Seedmatch.

Over time, more and more partners have joined: Bethnal Green Ventures, an accelerator program for UK startups that uses technology in a sustainable way, and R2Pi, a European Horizon 2020 project on business models circular.

Green Alley Award for Startup 2019

Scholarship Benefits

A one-day event in Berlin offers excellent networking and learning opportunities. The grand finale of the evening offers many benefits to the six finalists and the only winner:


  • Expert comments on the circular economy and start-up mentors
  • Networking opportunities and new business contacts
  • Pitch to potential investors and the media
    Winner: 25,000 euros in cash

Green Alley Award Program Reward:

  • A one-day workshop to prepare candidates for a perfect advertisement
  • Option for a crowdfunding campaign with Seedmatch or partner platforms
  • Individual support for candidates and their campaign thanks to an exclusive media package and budget.

Scholarship Eligibility

For a startup to be eligible for the Green Alley program,

  • Startups based in Europe, who want to face global waste, by
  • Digital Circular Economy Solutions;
  • Recycling solutions;
  • Ideas for waste prevention.

Scholarship Requirements

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