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Harvard University Online Course: Introduction to Computer Science

Harvard University and Edx offer an online course titled Harvard University Online Course: Introduction to Computer Science. This Online Course is designed to help students with very little or no computing background learn the basics of building simple interactive applications. Course Type : Online Degree Providers : Harvard University & Edx Course Level : Beginning …

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Online Degrees at University of the People

University of the People (UoPeople) is the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited online university dedicated to opening access to higher education globally. Using open-source technology, Open Educational Resources, peer-to-peer learning, and the assistance of academic volunteers, UoPeople is designed to provide access to university studies for qualified high school graduates, despite financial, geographic, societal or personal constraints. In February …

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Evidence-Based Business Communication Free Online Course

Australian National University (ANU) is offering evidence-based business communication free online course. This Free Online Course is a graduate-level course that assumes an undergraduate degree level understanding in a non-cognate area. In this six-week Free Online Course, applicants will learn how to achieve effective communication by evaluating evidence to identify and support the best communications strategies …

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