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Online Degrees Virginia: Intro to Computer Science

Online Degrees Virginia: Intro to Computer Science

Online Degree

Online Degrees Virginia: Intro to Computer Science

Online Degrees Virginia: Intro to Computer Science

Virginia University and Udacity offer an online course titled Online Degrees Virginia: Intro to Computer Science. This Online Course is designed to help students with very little or no computing background learn the basics of building simple interactive applications.

Course Type : Online Degree
Providers : Virginia University & Udacity
Course Level : Beginning
Commitment : 6 Hours / Week
Course Length : 12 Week

Syllabus for Online Degrees Virginia: Intro to Computer Science

###Lesson 1: How to Get Started

– Interview with Sergey Brin
– Getting Started with Python
– Processors
– Grace Hopper
– Variables
– Strings and Numbers
– Indexing Strings
– String Theory

###Lesson 2: How to Repeat

– Introducing Procedures
– Sum Procedure with a Return Statement
– Equality Comparisons
– If Statements
– Or Function
– Biggest Procedure
– While Loops
– Print Numbers

###Lesson 2.5: How to Solve Problems

– What are the Inputs
– Algorithm Pseudocode
– Optimizing

###Lesson 3: How to Manage Data

– Nested Lists
– A List of Strings
– Aliasing
– List Operations
– List Addition and Length
– How Computers Store Data
– For Loops
– Popping Elements
– Crawl Web

### Lesson 4: Responding to Queries

– Data Structures
– Lookup
– Building the Web Index
– Latency
– Bandwidth
– Buckets of Bits
– Protocols

### Lesson 5: How Programs Run

– Measuring Speed
– Spin Loop
– Index Size vs. Time
– Making Lookup Faster
– Hash Function
– Testing Hash Functions
– Implementing Hash Tables
– Dictionaries
– Modifying the Search Engine

### Lesson 6: How to Have Infinite Power

– Infinite Power
– Counter
– Recursive Definitions
– Recursive Procedures
– Palindromes
– Recursive v. Iterative
– Divide and Be Conquered
– Ranking Web Pages

### Lesson 7: Past, Present, and the Future of Computing

– Past of Computing
– Computer History Museum
– First Hard Drive
– Search Before Computers
– Present of Computing
– Slac and Big Data
– Open Source
– Future of Computing
– Text Analysis
– Energy Aware Computing
– Computer Security
– Quantum Computing

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